New Products
SAI-Premium Edamame

“SAI-Premium Edamame” is greener and sweeter, and its pods are larger.

Sun Tropics Coconut Juice

Sun Tropics proudly brings another product with a real fresh fruit taste. 100% Coconut Juice which contains all natural Thai coconuts and real chunks of coconut meat.

Wafu Japanese Vinaigrette

Experience a touch of Japan with Wafu® Japanese Vinaigrette. Dress, dip and marinate in a unique Japanese style.

Myojo Men

Neither Udon nor Ramen, MYOJO brings you a totally new noodle experience – "MYOJO MEN".

Vacuum Fried Vegetable

Experience a new sensation of crunchiness that spread through your mouth!

Ito En Aloha Maid Natural

The Aloha Maid Natural tropical fruit drinks are made in Hawaii with 100% all natural & healthier ingredients. Enjoy the flavor of Hawaii!

Maeda-en 100 Tea Bag Pack

Perfect tea bag pack for enjoying tea every day from maeda-en

Sapporo Light Beer

Sapporo Light exhibits the delicate bouquet of European saaz hops and an exceptionally clean finish.

Calpico Mini Original 4 Pack

“CALPICO” mini is Yogurty Flavor drink made from nonfat milk with lactic acid culture.

Hukkura Brown Rice

Hukkura Easy-Cooking Premium Koshihikari Brown Rice cooks up quickly and easily, just like white rice.

Chongga Tokusen Kimchee & Chongga Kimchee

Authentic and traditional quality Kimchee from South Korea.

WEL-PAC Yuki Konnyaku

Wel-Pac Yuki Konnyaku and Shirataki are prepared in a new and refined formula using carefully grown Konnyaku roots.