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SunTropics Premium Nectars (Refrigerated)

“For a Real, Fresh Fruit Taste!”

Product Description:

New Flavors!

  • SunTropics Soursop Nectar features the sweet creamy and delicately flavor that can only come from the fruit. No flavoring or essence is added. Soursop is also known as Guyabano by the Filipinos or Guanabana by Latin Americans.
  • SunTropics Calamansi bursts with the authentic and fresh flavor of the Philippine lime.

  • SunTropics Premium Mango Nectar is made from Philippine mangoes, world renowned for its exotic sweetness. So smooth……so refreshing……
  • SunTropics Premium Guava Nectar, made from sun-ripened wild Philippine guavas, bursts with the exquisite aroma and succulent sweetness of the guava!
  • SunTropics Premium Orange Mango Nectar is a blend of US oranges and Philippine mangoes, a taste of the familiar and the exotic!
  • SunTropics Premium Mango Passion Fruit is a golden nectar made of sun ripened Philippine mangoes and passion fruit. Mmmm…so refreshing!
  • SunTropics Premium Pineapple Guava Nectar is a sultry blend of sun kissed pineapples and exquisite guavas.
  • SunTropics Premium Tropical Medley is a five fruit blend—mango, pineapple, orange, passion fruit, and the Philippine lime.

Product Specs:

Item Dimensions: 3.75" (L)

3.75" (W)

9.5" (H)
Case Dimensions: 16.13" (L) 8.13" (W) 10.25" (H)
Case Weight: 37.05 lbs    
Case Cube: 0.78    
Cases per Layer: 15    
Cases per Pallet: 75    
Shelf-life at Production: 60 days    


Item Code UPC Code Case UPC Code Items Pack Size
02420 8-29354-10001-9 108-29354-10001-6 SunTropics Mango Nectar 8/64 oz
02421 8-29354-10002-6 108-29354-10002-3 SunTropics Guava Nectar 8/64 oz
02422 8-29354-10009-5 108-29354-10009-2 SunTropics Orange
Mango Nectar
8/64 oz
06634 8-29354-10013-2 108-29354-10013-9 SunTropics Mango
Passion Fruit Nectar
8/64 oz
06635 8-29354-10012-5 108-29354-10012-2 SunTropics Pineapple
Guava Nectar
8/64 oz
06636 8-29354-10011-8 108-29354-10011-5 SunTropics Tropical
Medley Nectar
8/64 oz
New Flavors!
08414 8-29454-10025-5 108-29454-10025-1 SunTropics Soursop (Guanabana) 8/64 oz
08416 8-29454-10026-2 108-29454-10026-8 SunTropics Calamansi 8/64 oz