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Great Tasting Dressing—Without the Oil

Do you love salad dressing but don't love the extra calories? JFC now brings you our OIL FREE SALAD DRESSING. Our delicious new low-calorie dressing is 100% oil-free, and brings out the natural, delicious flavor of your salad! So feel free to pour it on, knowing that it is both a healthy and delicious way to top your favorite salad. It's also great as a low-calorie dip for your favorite vegetables!

Savory Sesame is a new addition to Riken Non-Oil Dressing lineup. This 100% oil-free dressing with antioxidant-rich sesame seed paste is great for your healthy diet. It is excellent not only for salad, but for meat and steamed vegetables.
AOJISO has the spectacular aroma of Aojiso; green perilla. The Umami flavor from natural-source ingredients such as scallops, bonito fish extracts and plum paste, gives a subtle touch to the dressing. Based with soy sauce, this tastes great with seaweeds, tofu and seafood.
SESAME is the Asian-style flavor familiar to every Japanese. The SESAME is blended with the extract of oysters, pork and vegetables, and a touch of Asian spice and rice wine. This dressing has a deep and rich flavor.
The BASIL is made with specially selected fresh basil and the extract of vegetables and pork. With this dressing, your salad will become an authentic Italian dish. The BASIL is recommended to use with the seafood.
Product Name Item Code Pack Size UPC
RIKEN SAVORY SESAME DRESSING 21398 2/12/6.30 FZ 8-85025-55324-9
RIKEN AOJISO DRESSING 21392 2/12/6.30 FZ 8-85025-51192-8
RIKEN ASIAN SESAME DRESSING 21395 2/12/6.30 FZ 8-85025-51204-8
RIKEN ITALIAN BASIL DRESSING 21397 2/12/6.30 FZ 8-85025-51208-6