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Steamed Nishiki Rice
Now Available in Convenient Self-Serving Bowl!

You can now enjoy freshly steamed great tasting Nishiki white and brown rice anywhere, anytime in just 1 minute and 30 seconds.
Just pop it in a microwave to heat, and the steaming hot rice is ready to satisfy your appetite. Quick and easy, perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anytime when you are in a hurry. Available in both premium white rice and healthy, nutritious brown rice. Tastes freshly made and authentic, Nishiki steamed rice makes a quick but healthy alternative light snack, too. Each package comes in a compact self-serving bowl.

Other great features:
  • Cooks only 1 minute and 30 seconds in microwave, or 10 minutes in boiling water.
  • Compact to carry around
  • Long shelf life
  • 6 packages in a ready-to-use store display self-container
  • Colorful, eye-catching package
Premium Grade Nishiki Rice
Flavorful itself and great with any kind of Asian food, perfect for Sushi rice. All natural, made with no preservatives.
Item# 10743

Premium Whole Grain Nishiki Brown Rice
Saves you the time-consuming process of cooking brown rice. Rich in fiber, an excellent addition to your healthy meal. All natural whole grain, made with no preservatives.
Item# 10790


Item# 10743 10790
Item Nishiki Steamed Rice Nishiki Steamed Brown Rice
Package CTN 12 / 7.4 oz CTN 12 / 7.4 oz
Size 12(w) x 9.5(d) x 6.5(h) 12(w) x 9.5(d) x 6.5(h)
QFT 0.43 0.43
Gloss Weight 6.5 Lbs 6.5 Lbs
Storage Dry Dry
Date on Package Best Before Best Before
Product Origin USA USA
Shelf Life 10 Months 10 Months
UPC Code 0-11152-10743-1 0-11152-10790-5
Case UPC Code 100-11152-10743-8 100-11152-10790-2
Case Per Pallet 208 Cases 208 Cases
Pallet TiexHigh 16x13 16x13