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NIshiki Quick Cooking Brown Rice

You've heard brown rice is good for you.
Brown rice contains a lot of nutrients and dietary fibers, and can contribute to our good health. Yet it still hasn't become as widely popular as it should, because it needs to be cooked longer than regular white rice.

No time to cook brown rice? We've got
a solution for you!

Now JFC introduces "Nishiki Quick Cooking Brown Rice," a new type of EASY-TO-COOK BROWN RICE. You will only need to soak this brown rice in water for about 20 minutes. Then just start cooking in the same way that you normally cook rice. And unlike other precooked or processed "Quick Cooking" brown rice, JFC's new brown rice maintains its original nutrients and delicious flavor.

Now anyone can enjoy flavorful Nishiki Brown Rice. Enjoy it!

NIshiki Quick Cooking Brown Rice is now available in 5 lb and 20lb.