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Neither Udon nor Ramen, MYOJO brings you a totally new noodle experience – "MYOJO MEN".

Maximum "umami" was extracted from vegetables and pork both to make a creamy white soup, and it complements the fresh type noodle.

"Umami" has been elevated to an unprecedented height, when pork broth and seafood broth was married into one soup.

*Microwavable in 3 minutes!
*"Fresh type" noodles, made in the USA.

Product Name Item Code Pack Size UPC
MYOJO BOWL NOODLE CREAMY TONKOTSU 21238 12/7.37 Z 0-11152-21238-8
MYOJO BOWL NOODLE SEAFOOD TONKOTSU 21236 12/7.37 Z 0-11152-21236-4