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Miso Soup Dispenser

Marukome proudly presents "Miso Soup Dispenser"

Push the button for a perfect bowl of miso soup. Just be ready with the vegetables.

The Dispenser...

  • Serves fresh & tasty Miso Soup every time you press the botton
  • Dispenses only the amount desired - no wasted soup!
  • Is very hygienic - no need to touch the Miso during preparation
  • Comes with Dashi made with selected ingredients, such as Bonito & Kelp - absolutely No MSG!
  • Let's you adjust the amount, consistency, and temperature with easy set-up panel
  • Is easy to maintain - just clean the nozzle, using warm water weekly
  • Features convenient Miso packs - serves approx. 100 servings (5-oz) per bag

Ideal for locations such as...

  • Japanese restaurants
  • Hotel buffets
  • Fast food and take out restaurants
  • Office and school cafeterias