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from Maeda-en

Maeda-en Sen-cha 100 tea bag pack

Only quality tea leaves are picked and blended with a pinch of Matcha green tea powder.
Enjoy a calming green color and aroma.

Maeda-en Genmai-cha 100 tea bag pack

New flavor!
The fine quality tea leaves and brown rice are carefully blended with a pinch of Matcha green tea powder. The flavor of toasted Genmai (brown rice) is delicious and comforting.

Our tea bag is staple-free; go green!

Maeda-en is a traditional Japanese Green Tea company and started its business for the American market in 1984.

We use only the high quality,100% all natural green tea from Japan.

Product Name Item Code Pack Size UPC
Maeda-en 100 Tea Bags / SEN-CHA 02386 12/2g x 100bags 0-19022-02386-7
Maeda-en 100 Tea Bags / GENMAI-CHA 18554 12/2g x 100bags 0-19022-18554-1