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  Maeda-En Premium Lychee Sherbet

Maeda-En is introducing Premium Lychee Sherbet, the gourmet sorbet that combines the sweet and refreshing flavor of lychees, plus coconut jelly.

Maeda-En Premium Lychee Sherbet uses carefully select lychees to bring out the seductive flavor, and juicy sweet taste with each bite. The coconut jelly is marinated in lychee juice, which adds a unique taste to the sherbet. Maeda-En Premium Lychee Sherbet uses all natural ingredient, making it a healthy and low fat desert.

Enjoy Maeda-En Premium Lychee Sherbet this summer.

There is a legendary Chinese tale that spoke of a young woman who became the affection of a Chinese emperor in Tong Dynasty. She loved lychee fruits and the emperor had people bring the lychee fruit to the capitol from the southern provinces. It is said that the secret of her beauty was the Lychee fruits.