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The fluffiness of white rice meets the rich tradition of
brown rice.

Hukkura Brown Rice is the premium Koshihikari brown rice. It cooks up quickly and easily, just like white rice, and comes out every bit as fluffy and delicious. You can even cook Hukkura Brown Rice together with white rice.

To ensure that all of its freshness and great flavor reach your table, Hukkura Brown Rice is packed with an oxygen absorber immediately after the 10% milling, so you can fully enjoy the superb aroma of fresh brown rice.

Product Name Item Code Pack Size UPC
HUKKURA QUICK COOKING BROWN RICE 18634 11.00 lb 0-11152-18634-4
HUKKURA QUICK COOKING BROWN RICE 18693 8/4.40lb 0-11152-18693-1