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Real, Fresh Fruit Taste in 16oz Single Serve!!

Real, Fresh Fruit Taste in 16oz Single Serve!!:
  • A Taste that's True to the Fruit!
  • Not From Concentrate
  • All Natural
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Popular tropical fruit flavors
  • Made from Philippine fruits; made in the USA
  • No flavoring added
  • Packed with 100% Vitamin C
  • More fruit and less sugar than Competition
  • No artificial colors or preservatives added
Case Configuration: 12/16oz
Case Dimensions: 10.75"(H) 8" (W) 8"(L)
Case Weight: 15.5 lbs    
Cases per Pallet: 132    
Tie: 22    
High: 6    
Pallet per Truck: 21    
Pallet Size: 48" (H) 40" (W)  
Shelf-life at Production: 6 months    


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