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WEL-PAC Yuki Konnyaku & Shirataki

Wel-Pac Yuki Konnyaku and Shirataki are made with the natural Konnyaku roots that our designated growers carefully grow. To assure the food safety and quality control for our customers, all of our ingredients come from the sources with guaranteed traceability. The ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility then uses the state-of-the-art unique technology to mill Konnyaku roots into the very fine flour, which is the main ingredient of Konnyaku products.

Wel-Pac Yuki Konnyaku and Shirataki uses 100% of this specially prepared Konnyaku flour. The result is our fine tasting Konnyaku and Shirataki with little smell and flavor traditionally associated with the Konnyaku products. With Wel-Pac Yuki Konnyaku and Shirataki, precooking preparation is not needed.

Wel-Pac Yuki Konnyaku and Shirataki saves your cooking time and sure boosts the taste of your Japanese dishes.

Wel-Pac Yuki Konnyaku comes in both regular size and very convenient two packs of 100g Konnyaku. Wel-Pac Komusubi Shirataki comes in two packs of 80g Shirataki woven into small, delicate pieces.

Product Name Item Code Pack Size UPC
WEL-PAC YUKI KONNYAKU 17312 8.82 Z 0-11152-17312-2
WEL-PAC YUKI SHIRATAKI 17313 7.06 Z 0-11152-17313-9
WEL-PAC YUKI TEMAKI SHIRATAKI 17314 6.35Z 0-11152-17314-6
WEL-PAC YUKI KONNYAKU 17315 7.06Z (100Gx2) 0-11152-17315-3
WEL-PAC YUKI KOMUSUBI SHIRATAKI 17316 5.64Z (80Gx2) 0-11152-17316-0