JFC provides over several high quality NIshiki brands for all Asian cooking styles.
Find out more about the various brands and NIshiki varieties available at JFC.


Dynasty is the leading brand of Asian specialty food ingredients in supermarkets.
Featuring Chinese ingredients, the line now also include Thai and other South East Asian ingredients.

JFC Brand

JFC Brand is our signature premium brand that is globally distributed.
High quality, authentic, ingredients are produced, grown and manufactured at prime locations throughout the world.


Wel·Pac Brand is another familiar name under JFC's line of products.
Traditional Asian products that consumers have come to rely on are under the Wel·Pac name.


Hime brand products are key ingredients when preparing traditional Japanese recipes.
Consumers look to the Hime brand for authentic Japanese ingredients.


When it comes to the Asian snack products, Hapi is the number one brand here in the United States.
From traditional Japanese crackers to frozen ice bars, you'll find it all under the Hapi brand.